Web design from start to finish

Our process is very straightforward but each step requires an understanding of the customers needs. We work closely with you in order to create a beautiful, professional website.

Initial meeting

Whether you want a full from the ground up design or a redesign Webcompany will try to get to know your business better.  We guide you through all things about web design to help shape our design ideas. We will discuss your design and navigation preferences, what features will best showcase your business and set a timeline for delivery.

We collect crystal clear client feedback

With Webcompany, our clients comment directly on the web pages we are working on, so they can see exactly what their new website looks like. Clients view the website in their browser, and click directly on the page to comment. Feedback remains organized, eliminating back and forth emails and miscommunication.

We record approvals/sign off in the browser – Most of our clients are way too busy with cool stuff to be visiting our awesome Shibuya office. They need to be able to see a website that feels closer to the “finished product” quickly and whenever they want to. Once we make all your requested changes, you can approve the page. Webcompany keeps a record of the time, date, and name of the approver in case you need it later.

About web design

Based on your requirements we will create some mock-ups. Webcompany then works closely with you to refine and develop a blueprint for your chosen design. The blueprint underlines your site’s architecture as well as Search Engine Optimization. This helps us identify potential problems before they happen. A website plan also helps you define your goals, create a site map and list the content and functionality you need.

Making and testing your site

We now transform your approved designs into a complete working website. We use the most up to date web coding skills and excel in visual web design. At this stage we will also test all the underlying technical aspects and do a usability test so there will be absolutely no issues for the visitors to your site once it goes live.

Launching your website

Webcompany offers full support during the launch phase of your website, and can also manage your SEO and Social Media Marketing strategy for you. And of course Webcompany is always there for you with ongoing content updates. This service is provided monthly, at your request.


Contact us now! We’ll quickly help with the solutions you need to grow your business.