Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be a big opportunity for those that can reach their audience, Webcompany is the expert for multi-lingual Japanese websites. You can share the city’s success by preparing your business for the Games. Webcompany can help you to create a website which will help to get your company noticed even during the height of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 fever.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Whether you’d like a brand new site or a redesign,  Webcompany can help your business grow in the run-up to the 2020 Games. We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us to get the ball rolling!

Multi-lingual Websites

During the Olympics, the eyes of the world will be on Tokyo. A multilingual website can be the key to opening up your business to the many Japanese and foreign visitors. Webcompany are experienced in creating original content in both English and Japanese. We can also create English language content for existing Japanese websites.

Multi-lingual SEO

Webcompany’s SEO experts will also help to make sure that your site is search engine optimised in both languages so that foreign and Japanese visitors can find your site with ease.